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Crawford's Bar & Grill | Steak | Sioux Falls, SD
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"Service was top-notch and food was outstanding. Great stop for an afternoon meal and cocktail in a very pleasant atmosphere."

- Shirlyn C. via Facebook.com

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Learn About Crawford's Bar & Grill in Historic Downtown Sioux Falls

From the wild west inspired cowhide paneled bar or reclaimed wood tables to the hand painted and jeweled wallpaper and Moroccan chandeliers, no detail is left behind at Crawford's Bar & Grill. The same holds true for the food; from your prime cut of steak to the wild-caught salmon, every element is carefully considered. Visit us for creative cocktails and fabulous cuisine in Sioux Falls.


At Crawford's you're always "on the right track" as our bar footrest is an old iron railroad track. It took a 10,000 pound jack to create the arch and anchor it to the floor. Beautiful antique columns from India are around the back bar and cow hides line the front of the bar and the top of the back bar.

The natural stone bar top at Crawford's is beautiful Sioux quartzite. See if you can find a few perfectly round white circles known as “moons” on the pink stone as you sip your drink or enjoy a meal at the bar.


Some believe these “moons” are where spirits have touched the stone and left their mark; chemically the “moons” are the result of ancient radioactive flecks that were trapped in the formation of the rocks over 1.2 billion years ago.

Sip Whiskey on the Rocks atop Ancient Rocks

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